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With a vineyard directly overlooking Portoferraio, "La Chiusa" estate takes its name from the wall enclosing it, along with the 20 hectares (roughly 46 acres) of surrounding property. Its origins date back to the 1700s, the period in which the wall was first built, along with the country house, wine cellar and miniature chapel. The owner's house with the double staircase outside was built later during the 1800s. "La Chiusa" hosted Napoleon Bonaparte on two separate occasions: once while waiting to be received with honours in Portoferraio after his arrival in Elba, and an other time following a hunting party expedition on Mount Fabbrello. In 1815 the plenipotentiary ministers of Saint Alliance – better known for returning the Grand Duke of Tuscany to the house of Lorena – enjoyed a stay at "La Chiusa" as well.

"La Chiusa" takes great pride in is its own extra virgiThe kinds of olive trees that grow on the estate are typical Tuscan cultivars which include pendolino, moraiolo, leccino and frantoiano. The trees are trimmed and fertilised by hand in preparation for harvest, occurring toward the end of Octobern olive oil; with an acidity of less than 0.3 %, it recently attained the seal of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

La Chiusa's line of wine products, all DOC approved, include l'Elba Bianco, l'Elba Rosso, l'Elba Rosato, l'Aleatico and l'Ansonico. An other special kind of red wine available is "Grecale IGT", made from Merlot and Sangioveto grapes. In addition to that, La Chiusa produces, in small quantity, two kinds of "grappa"; monovitigno di Aleatico and Acquavite monovitigno di Sangiovese.

The AGRITURMO la Chiusa, offers apartments to the guest, that are directly on the sea line, or maximum 100mt behind.
The aprtments are monolocali, bilocali or trilocaly, from 2 to 4 beds maximum.


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